To Compete or Not to Compete – “Perceptions of Competition”

by Ann Chrapkiewicz  **revised edition; originally published May 2016**

This beautiful May weekend in 2016 is the USA Yoga National Championships in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

In fact, as I am writing parts of this post, I am watching the live streaming video of it.

If the thought of “yoga” and “championship” in the same sentence makes you have an immediate reaction of disbelief, or perhaps even a judgmental freak-out, this post is written just for you.

Welcome Jessica!

We are very happy to officially welcome Jessica Beckman to the BYCA apprenticeship and teacher development program!! One of the things that makes the practice and community and Bikram Yoga Capital Area so strong is the very high standards we maintain for our teachers, and we are EXTREMELY excited to have Jess joining our team.

The 2016 Yoga on the River event was a fun, sunny, HOT, and wonderful success!

Saturday, June 25, was a most beautiful day in Detroit, Michigan, USA, and we were so grateful for the relatively recent invention of sunglasses.   We are also very thankful to friends-of-BYCA Ian and Jenny O’Laughlin, owners and leaders of Detroit Bikram, for putting this event together each year with the help of the GM River Days organizers and the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy.

Thank you to those in the Bikram Yoga Capital Area community who were able to attend the event with us, and also to all of those who were with us in spirit!!

“Bear With Me Here”

A wonderful little story of how amazing Bikram Yoga makes people feel, and how powerful and happy we become from the practice!!! I feel so grateful for having access to the Bikram-Ghosh lineage, this method, and to students and teachers who are willing to transform themselves…so that we can continue to have a yoga school…so that we can reach more and more people, and ultimately bring that miraculous feeling to them!!! ♡♡♡♡♡