Top 5 Things You Can Do in Standing Head to Knee….

….while wearing a mask!

(And then a little Health and Safety Update for you)


#5  Clean some lunch remnants out of your molars…with your tongue.

#4  Swear silently to yourself at your most challenging posture.
(Oh wait, I was already doing that without a mask!)

#3  Purse your lips like Alec Baldwin impersonating Donald Trump.

#2  Breathe smoothly, in and out by your nose, calmly….like you’re supposed to be doing anyways.  🙂

#1  Try to touch your nose with your tongue.  Because the posture really isn’t hard enough as it is!  😉


So I have to admit something.  I wrote the above list as an antidote!

An antidote to the past 2 years of all of this…trying to keep a yoga school open, adapting constantly to changes, trying to make new decisions every 2 months…you know the drill.

As many of you know, I have been thinking so seriously and scientifically and impossibly for 23 months now….and if it weren’t for a 4-5 day-per-week yoga practice, I would have crashed long ago.

For quite some time now, I have been using this M.I.T. calculator to make decisions about our room capacity and mask requirements.  It takes into account over a dozen details about our yoga room: CO2, masks vs. no masks, filter type, ventilation, prevalence of infection, and so much more.

While I hope you got some good ideas for your next class in the hot room from our Top 5 List above, I did want to summarize for you what the M.I.T. calculator says about our situation right now:

With masks we can safely have up to 25 people in the room, and without masks we can have 8.

We have the spreadsheets with even more detail, but to be honest, there is no need to say much more.  Talking about this more just takes time away from our yoga practice.  Come to the hot room!

We know you can handle the challenge, and we guarantee that you will feel so much better, and get so much stronger… nothing will be able to take your peace.  In fact, the yoga works even better now than before.

No day but today!!