Guide for Newcomers

Start – or re-start – your healing journey with the Original Hot Yoga.

Step One

Yoga Kickstart Program

Join our Yoga Kickstart Challenge Program.  This program gives you one month to practice up to 12 classes.  Kickstart your healing, and see how much yoga you can fit in to your life!

– OR –

Private Intake Lesson & Consultation

Set up a private intake lesson with Ann.  Perfect for those with health concerns or who would like detailed support to get started.

Step Two


Choose the best membership according to your healing goals and practice commitment.  Our yoga community is set up to support you with a long-term, sustainable healing practice.  It will save you money in other areas of your life, and gives you back time and energy!

Private Intake Lesson

This is an opportunity for those who have not had any memberships or taken any  classes with us for the past 6 months*.

You’ll receive:

  • Personalized and optimized guidance on how to approach your practice
  • Special attention to any modifications you might need
  • 5 complimentary group classes good for the 30 days following the lesson

*If you have taken class within the past 6 months, you may sign up for a regular private lesson.  Contact us here for inquiries.

Yoga Kickstart Program

The Yoga Kickstart Program is for you if:

  • you are transitioning from a New Student Trial (available seasonally) to a Membership
  • you have attended some drop-in classes or used buddy passes
  • you have not had a membership or punchcard within the past 6 months.

One Month: Up to 12 Classes

This is an opportunity to see how often you’ll practice before deciding on a membership. No extensions on unused classes.

You’ll also receive:

  • coupons for two WayMat (towel mats recommended for Original Hot Yoga)
  • additional buddy passes that you or a friend can use

Recommended Classes for New Students

Bikram’s Beginning
Yoga Class

Hot and warm options available

Happy Hour

Express Class

De-Stress Yoga for Total Beginners

Silent classes are for those who have practiced at least 10-20 instructed Bikram Yoga classes.  Intermediate classes are best for those who have practiced regularly for at least one year.   Please contact us for consideration for an exception, or if you are visiting from another studio.

Don’t miss this amazing chance to radically transform and improve your health on all levels!!

Step-By-Step Guide for Getting Started

Step 2: Schedule

Step 3: Prepare

Read on for guidance on having your best possible experience!

How to Prepare for Class

  • For in-person classes, make sure to arrive and be in the front lobby 10-15 minutes before your first class.  Lobby doors are locked just before the listed class time so we can start all together.
  • NO GLASS CONTAINERS permitted anywhere in the building.
  • A yoga mat, beach-size towel, and water bottle are required.  You can bring your own or purchase/rent here.
  • Please hydrate extra BEFORE you arrive (we recommend 20-30 ounces approximately 1-2 hours before class starts).
  • An empty stomach is important for any yoga practice (wait at least 2-3 hours after a meal).
  • For live-stream classes, cameras-on is required.  First and last name should be used for your Zoom name.
  • For more tips or extra support, click here to download our Total Beginner Support Guide.


Reclaim Your Healing Power: Ten Motivations

We know that it can be hard to take the first steps and nearly impossible to sort through all of the health advice and promises out there. So we’ve put together a list of ten simple reminders of your healing potential, accessible to you and within you, with a therapeutic yoga practice.

Class Offerings at Yoga Is Medicine – The Original Hot Yoga

We offer a full range of yoga practices from the very basic de-stress class to advanced levels of meditative asana practice.

Traditional 26&2

Classic, undiluted, Bikram Yoga! The foundational 90-minute healing practice for those new to yoga and ready for a life-altering challenge.

New Student Consultations
& Private Lessons

The perfect way to accelerate the therapeutic potential of Bikram Yoga, explore specific challenges, or get support for detailed questions.

All levels welcome.

Intermediate & Advanced Practice

Ghosh Lineage, e84 Intermediate, and 84 Advanced Series

For those with 250 classes experience in Bikram Yoga

26&2 Intro/EXPRESS

For beginners, one hour class.

Silent or Semi-Silent 26&2

For those who have practiced at least 10-20 Bikram Yoga classes and who have a regular practice with us.  Not for brand new students.

De-Stress Yoga for Total Beginners

Coming Fall 2023
Contact Us to Get on the Waitlist

Yoga for Athletic Teams and Athletes

Private bookings available for teams and other organizations.

Warm Class – 26&2

Best for beginners who are concerned about the heat, as well as youth and pregnant women.

Rehabilitative Yoga

Especially for those with pain or injuries.

View an example on our YouTube Channel here.

Teacher Apprenticeship Weekends


Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers

Youth /Family Yoga

Ages 6-14 Practice with Parents

Prenatal Yoga (Rajashree’s Pregnancy Yoga Series)

Contact the director in advance.  Best to start practicing 6 months prior to pregnancy.


Strength & Conditioning / Shapeshifting Homework

Significant pain relief, improved mobility and strength, extra anti-inflammatory, major respiratory training, and a feeling of lightness and youth found nowhere else.  (And the only thing on the planet that makes Bikram Yoga easier!)