Bikram Yoga Resources

For the curious, lifelong student: the learning & exploration potential is endless!  Whether you are inclined towards scientific research, blissful meditative states, breathwork, functional movement, or teaching development, this yoga provides all of the above and more.

Members Classroom

For subscribers to our Bikram Yoga Online memberships, Flex Memberships, or Commitment Unlimited.  Contains audio & video libraries, discussion questions, and more.

Special Events

Check out our special events page for information on retreats, workshops, special classes, book club meetings, and more.

Teacher Training

Learn more about the qualifications for becoming a teacher in the Bikram/Ghosh lineage here.

Research & Publications

The Original Hot (Bikram) Yoga is uniquely amenable to research studies due to its consistent sequence and methodology.  The science-minded person will have much to explore here.


Get your answers to frequently asked questions about The Original Hot (Bikram) Yoga here.

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