Support your healing process, eliminate stress, and live your life to the fullest!

Most people live out only a fraction of their potential.

You no longer need to be “most people”!

With an Original Hot Yoga practice, you will create both instantaneous and sustainable transformation in your physical, mental, energetic, and emotional self.  For those who are willing to be proactive and take action, you will reduce pain & suffering, feel freer and lighter than ever, and add higher functionality to every day of your life.

Join us for a practice that supports…..

Reducing depression, anxiety, and addictive behaviors

Maximizing energy and balancing hormones & metabolism

Freeing your mind from low-energy patterns

Reducing dependence on pharmaceuticals

Reducing inflammation & strengthening immune function

Dramatically improving respiratory & cardiovascular function

Improving athleticism and longevity of activity

Training your relaxation abilities

This – and more – is available to you with a regular practice!

The Original Hot Yoga

Come and experience transformative healing with this traditional yoga practice.  It really will change your life.  Experience a refuge from stress and cell phones.  Be supported in a healing sanctuary.  Get more in touch with the full potential of who you are and can be. 

The Original Hot Yoga (Bikram) Method – when practiced and taught with integrity – is an art and science of healing – a form of “medicine” in the original sense of the term.

We are the only yoga school within 60 miles that offers this traditional healing method.  Although Bikram Yoga is the original hot yoga, it is completely different from other “hot yoga” offered locally and nationally.

Our yoga school is 100% locally- and independently-owned (not a franchise).  We are community-supported, collectively-run, and volunteer-based.

We primarily teach and practice the original Bikram Yoga method, a 50-year-old therapeutic hatha yoga system in the Ghosh lineage of Calcutta, India. 

Interested but not sure?

You have the power within you to heal, transform, and excel.

We offer the tools for you to unleash that power:

A time-tested, healing yoga method

Encouraging instructors who guide you step-by-step

An incredibly supportive community

The Original Hot Yoga

Join others of all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages for a life-changing, empowering, healing experience!  Our specially-built yoga room is a powerful and uplifting healing sanctuary.  You will be encouraged, transformed, healed, and changed for the better.  Plus, you’ll make yoga buddies for life!

Bikram Yoga Online

Yoga Is Medicine – The Original Hot Yoga is the home of Bikram Yoga Online.

Join our global group of yoga buddies via our livestream classes, our Patreon community, and more.  Whether you are new to the method, a long-time practitioner, or even a trained Bikram/OHYA teacher, you will grow so much from our classes!

You will receive detailed and personal instruction and practice support from Ann. Contact us if you would like to arrange for Continuing Education hours for Original Hot Yoga Association CE credits.

Our international community of online practitioners is strong, dedicated, disciplined, curious, and committed to learning.


Reclaim Your Healing Power: Ten Motivations

We know that it can be hard to take the first steps and nearly impossible to sort through all of the health advice and promises out there. So we’ve put together a list of ten simple reminders of your healing potential, accessible to you and within you, with a therapeutic yoga practice.

Owner and Lead Yoga Instructor

Ann R. Chrapkiewicz

I would like to personally welcome you to the school and community at Bikram Yoga Capital Area.  Since 2003, I have used this yoga system to heal from broken vertebrae, seasonal depression, imbalanced blood sugar, sciatic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, an eating disorder, joint pain in pregnancy, and many other issues.

In over two decades of searching for ways to feel better, I have not experienced any other yoga, medical, or movement modality that addresses so many health issues at once, and which is accessible and effective during times of injury, pain, and immobility.  This yoga has healed my mind, helped me re-connect with my body and the earth, and brought feelings of complete well-being and lightness (and groundedness, at the same time) that I craved for many years.

I know that this is possible for you, too!

I know all students here by name and work with each one personally to guide you to your optimum state of health and wellness.  I look forward to working with you!

You may click here to find out more about my training and background.

Ready to get started with Bikram Yoga?