Welcome Jessica!

tumblr_ob1iknmiaz1vt444zo2_r1_400We are very happy to officially welcome Jessica Beckman to the BYCA apprenticeship and teacher development program!!  One of the things that makes the practice and community and Bikram Yoga Capital Area so strong is the very high standards we maintain for our teachers, and we are EXTREMELY excited to have Jess joining our team.  All of our regular teachers have no less than 1000 (yes, one-thousand) hours of preparatory and training hours.  Read more details about our training philosophy, programs, and standards HERE.

As part of her teaching apprenticeship, she will be attending the Raja Yoga Academy this fall in Huntington Beach, California, for a 500-hour training program.

(Our interview with Jess will be coming soon.  But since we could not wait for this announcement, please feel free to check out this collection of photo highlights from the past year in the meantime.)

Jess is already immersed in preparations for the training, and you will see her observing regular classes and leading silent classes for the next several weeks.

Jess has practiced over 450 classes at Bikram Yoga Capital Area since April 2015 and has been the dedicated leader of the Karma Yoga program since last fall.  This team is responsible for keeping our school looking beautiful, helping with promotions and advertising, and helping with overall organization.  Much appreciation goes to Jess on a daily basis, and also for her hard work and amazing contributions of time and energy over the past year.

Jess has completed many of our yoga practice challenges, including multiple 60-day challenges (shown above with Vic).  She also completed the Spring Buddy Challenge with Melissa, Marilyn, and Sparty:

Also very notable is that Jess completed the entire month of the “Stand Tall” Ghosh Yoga photo challenge in March 2016 with Ann, and with many valued (and fun!) contributions from several other BYCA students.  We truly had a blast and have lots of photo “bloopers” on record.  The challenge was created by our Ghosh-lineage yoga friends Scott and Ida Jo Lamps in Madison, Wisconsin, so we participated with them via the most miraculous telecommunication technology.

And that is Jess on the very left at one of our BYCA workshops last year!! How about all of those wonderful spines?!

BYCA students backward bending their spines at a posture workshop

Stay tuned for our interview with Jess, and feel free to visit her GoFundMe page in the meantime!!