The 2016 Yoga on the River event was a fun, sunny, HOT, and wonderful success!

Saturday, June 25, was a most beautiful day in Detroit, Michigan, USA, and we were so grateful for the relatively recent invention of sunglasses.   We are also very thankful to friends-of-BYCA Ian and Jenny O’Laughlin, owners and leaders of Detroit Bikram, for putting this event together each year with the help of the GM River Days organizers and the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy.

Thank you to those in the Bikram Yoga Capital Area community who were able to attend the event with us, and also to all of those who were with us in spirit!!

One of the things that inspires me to no end is the diversity of people who can and do practice Bikram Yoga around the world.  Getting students, teachers, and school owners together from around the state helps us see how accessible and widespread this healing practice is and can be.

Scroll down to view more photos from the event, and see if you can spot some of your Bikram Yoga Capital Area YOGA BUDDIES as you go!!





The most diagnostic and wonderful side bend of ArdhaChandrasana!!  Very nicely demonstrated by Eric and Kris!!


Figuring out those Eagle arms is never easy at first, but with practice it always improves!!



The famous “10-year posture”.  Or is it 20?!?!


For those of you always wishing to practice outside….don’t miss next year’s Yoga on the River!!  Looking at the sky in Triangle Posture is like nothing else!  🙂



Ms. Hayley looking steady as always, even with the sun in her eyes!!


Wind Removing posture, healing digestion and spines for decades!


Melissa, Kris, Lindsey, and Aimee doing Cobra posture right into the sun!


A very strong Dhanurasana by Jess!!


The whole Bikram Yoga Capital Area crew leading the rest of us into Half Tortoise.


I love how this one captures the spirit of yoga buddies…helping each other every step of the way!!  <3 <3 <3


Some of Michigan’s Bikram Yoga Teachers who led us through the class.


For those of you who have been in class lately: hold the exhale position of the sit up with the lungs empty and abdomen compressed for one second in stillness.  See above for the visual.  Knees can be bent if needed.  😉


We lost a few of our group by the time class ended, but we posed with the sign anyways!!



We even posed as extras in the local Fox News story….


Thank you again to all who led, participated, organized, and supported us!!  Looking forward to next year!!


If you made it this far and would still like a little more inspiration, check out the video from the 2015 event, featuring BYCA students Stephanie Cerda and the dearest late Martinis Thompkins:

Love and wishes for health, healing, peace, and awareness from everyone at Bikram Yoga Capital Area, Mid-Michigan’s only Bikram-Ghosh lineage yoga school.  <3 <3 <3