In-Person Bikram Yoga Practice

Join Us For A Consistent Yoga Practice That Empowers Your Healing and Health

Yoga works when practiced consistently, with a desire to heal, and the follow-through of a commitment.  Our membership options are designed for those who would like to make lasting and sustainable changes in their health and well-being through a regular yoga practice.  Join us for the most healing, educational, therapeutic, interactive, personally instructed, and effective yoga classes on the planet!

Yoga Memberships

Three-Month Minimum Commitment
Choose from In-Person and/or Livestream Classes

Our memberships include a set number of classes per month.

You will be charged once per month, or once you have attended the included number of classes, whichever comes first. 

note: You may attend more classes than the number listed; for example a Flex 4 member can attend 6 classes per month and will simply be charged after every 4 classes.

“The only time yoga doesn’t work is when you don’t do it.”

–Dorothea Fields, member since 2016

It’s kinda like medicine.  When you take it, it works.  And when you don’t, it doesn’t.  That’s why our memberships have commitment levels and our punchcards have expiration dates.  Because we WANT YOU to take your medicine and actually experience what a real yoga practice does!

3-4x Per Week Practice:

Most popular – and best – for those serious about healing results!
This is the frequency of practice that most medical studies on Bikram Yoga have used.

Flex 14 – 14 classes monthly – less than $11/class – plus perks:

  • $10 Buddy Passes for in-person classes – Two (2) available per calendar month
  • 10% off WayMat purchases
  • Unlimited access to the Bikram Yoga Members’ Classroom ($49 monthly value) – featuring audio & video classes, online Q & A, bonus educational resources.

Once-a-Week Practice

Flex Membership – 4 Classes

1-2x Per Week Practice

Flex Membership – 7 Classes

2-3x Per Week Practice

Flex Membership – 10 Classes

Most common frequency for the busy person who is also committed to health improvements

All memberships continue after the three-month commitment until emailed cancellation request is received.  No refunds or extensions can be granted for non-attendance. 

In order to change membership level or cancel after the first three consecutive months, submit written notice to [email protected] 15 days prior to your scheduled payment.

 Holds & Pauses: please note contract during purchase for hold policies and fees.

Thank you for understanding that we are an independently-owned, very-small business, and for supporting us via respecting the above policies.

Punch Cards and No-Commitment Unlimited

In-Person & Livestream Access

These are one-time purchases that do not renew automatically and offer not only significant savings from the drop-in rate but also the benefits that accrue when you take a step towards committing to healing.  As soon as you make a purchase, you will be able to book your classes on the schedule page.

However you choose to do Bikram Yoga, it will improve your quality of life!  We are so happy to have you practicing with us!  We have so much fun together!

50-class Punchcard

12-month expiration

10-class Punchcard

3-month expiration

5-class Punchcard

2-month expiration

One Month Unlimited Classes

Unlimited sessions
under $7/class for daily practice

Visitors & Drop-Ins

In-Person Day Passes, Visitors, and Special Guests

Yoga Is Medicine is truly a place of global connections and unity, ever-expanding yet extremely close-knit.We love and welcome visitors and guest students from the Lansing area and around the world!

In-Person Day Pass

Single Class
Drop-In & WayMat Rental

In-Person One Week

7 Consecutive Days Unlimited Classes
(does not include mat rentals)

Yoga is For All

We are committed to making yoga accessible to those who are in need and who are willing to commit to a regular practice.

High School & College Student Rates

We have the absolute best yoga value in town!

A twice-a-week bikram yoga practice will significantly reduce anxiety & depression levels, improve your focus, increase physical stamina, improve your sleep and energy, and boost academic performance & study efficiency.

While most North American yoga studios primarily offer mixed yoga-fitness classes, you will see the difference and get much more comprehensive results with the traditional practice of Bikram Yoga (the Original Hot Yoga).


  • ages 14-24
  • enrolled full-time (or part-time, with director permission)
  • student at any high school, technical school, or college in mid-Michigan

Unlimited Membership

(College and High School Student Rate)

  • Unlimited In-Person classes
  • Free access to live-streamed classes
  • Renews every month automatically until you cancel (15 days notice by email required to cancel)
  • To cancel you can send us a message HERE

Punch Cards & Drop-Ins

Student Rate Drop-In / Visitor Pass: $18

No expiration on drop-ins; i.e., if you purchase multiple drop-in passes, you can use them anytime.

15-class Punch Card: $109

4-month expiration

10 Class Punch-Card $89

3-month expiration

5-Class Punch Card $49

2-month expiration

Youth Rates & Family Class

Attendance guidelines:

Youth 13 and under must also have a paying parent or guardian attending & practicing the same class.

Youth ages 14-17 may practice without a parent but are required to have a parent register an account with us and sign a waiver, in addition to each youth member’s account.

Thursday Night Youth Drop-In

$5 (ages 6-13)
$10 (ages 14-17)

This rate is for youth and high school students attending the Thursday 5:45 pm class with a paying parent or guardian.

Youth Drop-In for All Other Class Times

$10 (ages 6-13, must attend with paying parent/guardian)

$10 (ages 14-17, if attending with parent)

$18 (ages 14-17, if attending without parent)