We are committed to making yoga accessible to those who are in need and who are willing to commit to a regular practice.


If you are committed to making improvements in your health but concerned about affording yoga, we have two scholarship options.

The first is a well-established Karma Yoga scholarship and mentorship program for sincere students who would like to practice regularly, who are willing and able to commit to assisting us at the school, and who are willing and able to act as an ambassador for our community and yoga method.

If you are interested, please enroll in the Yoga Kickstart month, complete 10-12 classes within the Kickstart month, and speak with Ann at the school (or via the contact form) for more information.  Or you may contact us once you have practiced your first 10 classes with us.  We have options if you are unable to afford a Kickstart Month and can demonstrate financial need.

The second is a full three-month scholarship option for those who are unable to assist the school, who demonstrate significant financial need, and who have a medical or therapeutic need for a consistent practice.  Please contact us for more information after practicing your first 5 classes.  These are limited in number.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for our full scholarship program, please contact us here.