Thorough, long-term change for your health and well-being.

Say Goodbye to declining energy, and Hello to a new mind and body

Our specific yoga method has a 100-year-old record of reducing depression and anxiety, slowing and reversing stress and inflammatory processes, healing and strengthening joints, and improving function of ALL of the bodies systems.

With a regular practice, our participants of all levels experience:

Research-supported reductions in depression, anxiety, and other fluctuations of energy and thought

Reduced dependence on pharmaceuticals while improving blood sugar, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure

Reduced muscle soreness, tension, stiffness, and joint pain

Significant increase in cardio-pulmonary efficiency

Unprecedented feelings of calm, lightness, and satisfaction

Major improvements in functional movement

Reduced levels of inflammation, including improvements in autoimmune symptoms

Slowing and reversal of Type II diabetic and pre-diabetic processes

Improved focus, cognitive function, and sleep

Better core strength, balance, and joint stability

This – and more – is available to you with a regular practice!

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We offer a private lesson intake special to just five (5) new clients each month.  This is an ideal way to get acquainted with our method, learn any modifications you might need, and discuss any special considerations with our director.

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“Within 3 months of practicing Bikram Yoga regularly, my chronic kidney disease went away, and my resting blood pressure went from 135/85 to 115/68.

And more recently, my chronic back pain of over 30 years went away. I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease in the fall of 2013, and – against the advice of my physician – started a Bikram Yoga practice at Yoga Is Medicine December 2013.

Within only 3 months of a consistent practice (4-5 days per week), my health dramatically improved. BEFORE (Fall 2013): 1) resting blood pressure (with medication): 135/85 2) resting heart rate: mid 90s 3) fasting glucose: above normal range April 2014: 1) resting blood pressure: 115/68 2) resting heart rate: high 60s 3) non-fasting glucose: normal 4) chronic kidney disease: COMPLETELY GONE!!! Then, after hearing Ann tell me for almost 3 years to suck in my stomach in all of the postures, I finally started doing it. Within one month, my chronic back pain of almost 40 years went away. I am now waking up in the morning without back pain and can walk without stooping over.

There is no way I can truly say how grateful I am. Thank you Ann, thank you so much.

John Theroux, 75, Dimondale, Michigan

The sciatica I had for 12 years is completely gone, as is my tennis elbow and knee problems. I used to have to go to the chiropractor all the time, but now that I have been practicing Bikram Yoga, I have not had to go in 3 years. I am 58 years old and had sciatica and other back issues – as well as tennis elbow and knee problems – for years. These often forced me to take pain medications and constant trips to the chiropractor.
I had been doing other types of yoga, but it didn’t really help and actually often aggravated the situation. Then I found Bikram Yoga! After doing it regularly for about two years, my back was in such good shape that I was able to roof my house by myself, lifting 80lb packs of shingles to the roof and bending over all day with no sciatica issues. My knee problems went away to the point that I could do squats again with weights. I no longer need the elbow brace I was using for my painful tennis elbow – the pain has never come back.

Larry Brill, 60, Okemos, Michigan



“Before I started doing Bikram Yoga, I was pretty sedentary. But I lost a lot of weight just coming here – once I started seeing that change, I didn’t want to stop coming.

A few months later, I started running with some friends and trained for a Tough Mudder. The day after the Tough Mudder I knew I had to come here. I was so sore that couldn’t get my arms over my head. But doing the class helped so much. So much better than not doing anything.

I feel such a sense of accomplishment from doing the class. It is such a great physical challenge – once class is done, everything else is so much easier. Before I started yoga, if I tried to run, it was my breathing or endurance that would stop me.

Now, when I run 10 miles, it is only my legs that stop me. My breathing is so much better. When I lift or run and don’t come to yoga, I am so sore. But if I come to yoga that day or the next, my muscles don’t hurt.”

Hari Sriram, YIM practitioner

Bikram Yoga Hot Yoga Tree Pose

“I played Division I basketball in college at Kennesaw State University.  I ended up developing “jumpers knee”, which is a type of tendonitis of the knee.  It caused a sharp pain anytime I jumped, ran, or stopped abruptly. I could not run without sharp pain.

I had an MRI in 2011, which revealed three holes in the cartilage layer below my knee cap.  The surgery I ended up having involved Platelet Plasma Recovery, the injection of fetal cartilage, and realignment of my kneecap!

Even with surgery and physical therapy, my leg never went back to its full capacity of being a leg.

At physical therapy, they ask you to rate your pain on a level of 1 to 10.  Well, in 2011 and 2012, I had a pain level of 15 on a frequent basis. The swelling did eventually go down, and I continued to run, until 2015.  But I would say my knee never totally recovered.

In physical therapy, they always ask you to rate your pain on a scale of 1 to 10.  Prior to Bikram Yoga I had pain levels of 7 to 9 most of the time.

Once I started doing Bikram Yoga consistently, I had swelling only 2 to 3 times in the first four months!  As of April 2018, I might occasionally have a level 2 pain. And that was it.

Then, in December 2018, after only a year of practice, I could play basketball every week with no pain and run several miles.  It is amazing!

It seems like what physical therapy is trying to do is similar to Bikram Yoga.  Since practicing yoga regularly, I have felt the contraction of the knees and thighs, and noticed how my quadriceps have developed without any weights.

I should also point out that I am asthmatic.  During my first few Bikram Yoga classes, I couldn’t breathe well.  But by four or five classes in, I was able to breathe and keep up with the group.

And before that – throughout my life – I had worked out a lot!

–Briona Jones, Ph.D

You have the power within you to heal, transform, and excel.

We offer the tools for you to unleash that power:

A time-tested, healing yoga method

Encouraging instructors who guide you step-by-step

An incredibly supportive community

Owner and Lead Yoga Instructor

Ann R. Chrapkiewicz

I would like to personally welcome you to the school and community at Yoga Is Medicine.  Since 2003, I have used this yoga system to heal from broken vertebrae, seasonal depression, imbalanced blood sugar, sciatic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, an eating disorder, joint pain in pregnancy, and many other issues.  It has been the only consistent form of exercise I have done for 20 years, and my bloodwork, weight, mental health, respiratory function, and more are better at age 45 than age 25.

In nearly three decades of searching for ways to feel better, be fit, and have peace of mind, I have not experienced any other exercise, yoga, medical, or movement modality that addresses so many health issues at once, and which is accessible and effective during times of injury, pain, and immobility.

I know that this is possible for you, too!

I know all students here by name and work with each one personally to guide you to your optimum state of health and wellness.  I look forward to working with you!