Bikram Yoga is simultaneously for the fit and unfit.

The Bikram Yoga practice is and always has been curvy-friendly, trauma-sensitive, and accessible. It is accessible to men and practiced by athletes more than any other yoga available today.

We also welcome and support students with limited mobility, chronic pain or injury, and even those who are not able to walk. Our teachers are trained to help each student with the correct approach to each posture.


We safely teach to those who need chairs at first, who have broken bones, less than four limbs, and who have chronic pain.

All Ages

Our regular students range in age from 6 to 94; this yoga system is practiced around the world – safely and gently – by many in their 80s and 90s.  We work with individuals to find the best approach, intensity level, and practice frequency for their needs.

All Faiths and Backgrounds

Our teaching method is very practical and straightforward.  It does not include language or belief systems that conflict with faiths or religions.

What Our Students Are Saying