Spring Yoga Buddy Challenge 2017

Date(s) - 04/01/2017 - 05/31/2017
All Day

Bikram Yoga

The Spring Yoga Buddy Challenge is a highlight of the year.  It expands and deepens our practice and understanding of yoga, and it is so much fun!!  All teams who complete the challenge by May 31 will get a unique BYCA Yoga Buddy shirt for each team member.  (The shirts change every year.)



You may sign up anytime between March 29 and April 20, but all challenge items are to be completed between April 1 and May 31 in order to be counted.

Step 1: Find a Buddy (or Two)

Teams can be made up of 2 or 3 people.

Step 2:  Come up with a Team Name!

Past examples: Pranayama Mamas

20160512_195414 - Edited

Step 3:  Sign Up

Start a Challenge Card for your pair or group

Step 4: Complete the following between April 1 and May 31

average of 25 CLASSES PER BUDDY

2-member group total: 50 classes

3-member group total: 75 classes

if you know you can only do 20, look for a buddy who can do 40 – there are plenty who practice at the frequency 🙂

Step 5: Complete 4 out of 5 of the following items:

1. Practice in each of 10 of the shaded spots in the yoga room.

2. Take photos of each member (or the whole group) doing postures (have fun and be creative!!).  Send them to [email protected] or post them directly to the Bikram Yoga Capital Area Facebook page. Street clothes perfectly fine, indoors or outdoors, etc. Have fun! (Total photos for 2-member group: 4, total for 3-member group: 6.)

11390093_528150677335822_8821465330327104755_n - Edited

3. Read one of the books on the BYCA shelf (10% off if you are doing the challenge).

4. Bring a friend who practices 8 classes within one month.  (This can be anyone who does not currently have a membership or class package.  $59 for this friend for an unlimited month.)

5. Write a guest blog post (which can just be a paragraph or two, and we will help you edit if you like) OR complete an interview with Ann for her use in a blog post. This can be completed as a team or as individuals.

Details.  FAQ.  And the spirit of the challenge.


– Let us know if you need help finding a buddy or group.

– Please be open to inviting a newer student to join an already existing pair.

– Make sure everyone in your group is committed to following through, as your whole group’s success depends on every member completing their part of challenge.  In order to get your prize, groups may not change, swap, or drop members once the group has started the challenge.

– You may form a group with new students, experienced students, or any combination.  It is not a requirement, but I encourage you to form a group with at least one person you don’t already know very well.

– In addition to the class completion aspect, every group member completes 4 out of 5 of the challenge items.  Not all members have to choose the same 4 items, although the photo option works best and is more fun if you do it together.

– Please mark YOUR INITIALS as you complete the room map, not just an ‘X’, so you can keep track of which team member has practiced in each area.

– For the book option, one entire book from the BYCA collection should be read from beginning to end during the challenge period.  I would recommend to anyone and everyone to read HOW YOGA WORKS, and if you have read it before, you may read it again.  All book choices are available at BYCA or online, and you may share a copy with your buddy group (or other students).