Day Passes, Visitors, and Special Guests

BYCA is truly a place of global connections and unity, ever-expanding yet extremely close-knit.

We love our visitors and guest students from around the world!




Live-Streamed Drop-In

Plus Get One Free to use within a week

7 days total to use both



If you are a trained Bikram Yoga teacher who would like a few pointers in your practice, please contact Ann directly in advance of your planned guest class!

Bikram Yoga Students

If you are a former or current practitioner looking for detailed feedback, extra insights, or a way to get unstuck in your practice, you are welcome to take a single class with Ann.  However, for effective long-term coaching and detailed feedback, we recommend a regular live-streamed practice as well.

New to Bikram Yoga?

For those who are new to the Bikram/Ghosh lineage, the Introductory Special is the best way to try this yoga.  We recommend that new students try at least 10 classes to get a glimpse at what this yoga is and can do for you!