Yoga Bingo Challenge 2022

yoga bingo original hot yoga bikram east lansing

Date(s) - 10/24/2022 - 12/31/2022
All Day

Bikram Yoga

Join us for our first Yoga Bingo Challenge!
*October 24 – December 31*

It’s been a long time coming and it is finally here!
In-Person AND Livestream Yoga Buddies are Welcome!!

You may sign up anytime between
October 24 and November 30.

All challenge items can be completed up until DECEMBER 31.

If you don’t have a membership,
or if you have a punchcard or flex-type membership:

you can get a special IN-PERSON Yoga Bingo Unlimited Plan here (starts now and expires 12/31/22).

or a LIVESTREAM-ONLY Yoga Bingo Unlimited Plan here (starts now and expires 12/31/22)

Email Ann if you’d like to suspend your current punchcard or flex plan
while completing the Yoga Bingo Challenge!


Step 1: Sign Up!

Sign up at the front desk or by contacting us HERE!

Step 2:  Claim Your Yoga Bingo Card

Write your name on one of the Yoga Bingo Cards on the brick Challenge Wall in the lobby.

Online Students: the email sent on 10/23 contains a printable bingo card,
or you can contact Ann to request one.  If you are a paying BYOnline member,
we will be glad to mail you a Bingo Card, so please include your mailing address!

yoga bingo original hot yoga bikram east lansing

Step 3:  Start Working Towards a Yoga Bingo

There are so many fun options to complete a 5-in-a-row Yoga Bingo!

All 4 corners plus the middle “create your own” space also count as one Bingo.

Step 4: Everytime you complete a Yoga Bingo, add a medallion to the Bingo Board

Let’s fill the Yoga Bingo Board!  EVERY yoga bingo medallion will be entered in the final prize drawing for a gift certificate to one of several local businesses.

Step 5: Prize Time

1 bingo: Nice going!  You will feel great!  🙂

2 bingos: one new fun/inspirational yoga sticker

3 bingos: one new yoga pen for your writing entertainment

4+ bingos: one exclusive BYCA yoga mug for your desk

Cover-all / EVERY square: Automatic gift card prize!!

Fun Details:

– Each Yoga Bingo Medallion will become an entry into the final prize drawing.  Participants in the drawing get a maximum of one gift card.

– Those who complete a Cover-all/Blackout get one automatic gift card PLUS are eligible for the drawing.

– If something you do counts for more than one square, make sure to mark off both squares!  In other words, double-counting is 100% cool!

– When you add a Bingo Medallion to the board, please write on it your full name and the date.

– A yoga class may take place in our yoga room, in a livestream class, or even via a pre-recorded class.

– Only active members of BYCA / Bikram Yoga Online may earn prizes.  Those joining through other platforms will need to join our school directly in order to be eligible for prizes.  Contact Ann if you need advice or assistance with this, or if you’d like a printable bingo card!

– Bikram Yoga Online Yoga Buddies: we will ship your prizes shortly after the new year.

– All local / in-person students may pick up their prizes at the yoga studio.