Support Community Fundraisers with Silent Auction Donations

Or Request a Silent Auction Donation for YOUR School or Organization

You are invited to support self-care for those in our community who could use a boost!

Each year we get requests from various community and school groups for silent auction donations, and we love fulfilling these.  Typically we have given gift certificates for yoga with a yoga mat, but lately we have begun to add more self-care items and books!  Our goal is to help local groups raise funds for their needs and give the recipients a collection of items that encourages healthy habits and practices.

We invite you to participate in supporting our silent auction donation items here!

Tax-deductible donations go to the Ten Percent Project, our affiliated 501(c)3 non-profit

Your sponsorship will support: local non-profit organizations, local public schools, and your yoga studio!

We sincerely appreciate your support and participation!  Your gift will lift up many lives in a healthy, health-promoting, and sustainable way.

All retail items have been procured from a co-operatively owned business in Iowa and are also earth-friendly, organic, etc.

With your donation, you may also use the contact form on this website to specify general or specific preferences for items, or send along contact information for a local group who is raising money for their cause or project.  We’ll get in touch with them to offer a donation for their next silent auction!

  • Book: Healing Back Pain
  • Gift Certificate: Full-Service Drop-In Yoga Class for Two at BYCA
    (2 sets; mat rentals included)
  • Self-Realization Fellowship – Inner Reflections 2023 Planner
  • Giovanni Facial Scrub
  • Shikai Hand Cream or Auracacia Mineral Baths (3 packets)
  • American Provenance – Beard Balm or After Shave
  • Auracacia Kids Aromatherapy Oil (Clearing or Activating)
  • Tiger Balm Arthritis Rub
  • Sambucus Single Shot (4)
  • Immune Support Tea
  • Auracacia Lavender Hydrosol Spray
  • Tiger Balm Red
  • Gift Certificates: 5 drop-in Yoga Classes (good until end of 2023)
  • 10 Electrolyte Packets
  • Auracacia Mineral Bath Salts
  • Breathe Easy Tea
  • Dead Sea Bath Salts (2 lb)
  • Inner Reflections 2023 Planner
  • Auracacia Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Auracacia Aromatherapy Oil – Creative Juice or Clear Mind
  • Book: Breath by James Nestor
  • Gift Certificates: 5 Drop-In Yoga Classes (good until end of 2023)
  • Terra Origin Greens & Superfoods Coffee Blend

If you would like to donate a monthly amount to keep us strong and sustainable, please consider joining our Patreon page.