Join our Holiday Community Project!

November 29 - December 18, 2022

You are invited to support self-care for those in our community who could use a boost!

Many years ago my family was the recipient of holiday gifts through MSU Safe Place and their holiday wishlist program.  It was the most amazing feeling to receive gifts for my child when we were going through very difficult times.   What I didn’t ever consider at the time was asking for anything for myself.  Taking care of my preschooler at the time was the only thing I could think of doing.  Self-care wasn’t really on the table!

So as a holiday fundraiser and community service project, we are putting together specially curated Self-Care Gift Boxes this year, to offer caregivers-in-need with a surprise gift of self-care items!

These Self-Care Gift Boxes will be donated to several local organizations, including MSU Safe Place, Haven House, and the Lansing Women’s Center.  We are also partnering with Sparrow, and hoping to connect with Lansing Public Schools.  We welcome nominations for additional recipients, if sponsorships exceed our current capacity!

something for everyone; 189 value
Haven House & Women’s Center Donation

  • Book: Healing Back Pain
  • Gift Certificate: Full-Service Drop-In Yoga Class for Two at BYCA
    (2 sets; mat rentals included)
  • Self-Realization Fellowship – Inner Reflections 2023 Planner
  • Giovanni Facial Scrub
  • Shikai Hand Cream or Auracacia Mineral Baths (3 packets)
  • American Provenance – Beard Balm or After Shave
  • Auracacia Kids Aromatherapy Oil (Clearing or Activating)
  • Tiger Balm Arthritis Rub

$165 for Sponsorship-Donation
($175 to purchase for yourself or for personal gift-giving – contact Ann to pre-order)

self-care support for those caring for others; $206 value
MSU SafePlace, Women’s Center, & Sparrow Donation

  • Sambucus Single Shot (4)
  • Immune Support Tea
  • Auracacia Lavender Hydrosol Spray
  • Tiger Balm Red
  • Gift Certificates: 5 drop-in Yoga Classes (good until end of 2023)
  • 10 Electrolyte Packets
  • Auracacia Mineral Bath Salts
  • Breathe Easy Tea

$175 for Sponsorship-Donation
($195 if you’d like to purchase for yourself or for personal gift-giving – contact Ann to pre-order)

great for students & scholars, too; $298 value
Lansing Public Schools & Sparrow Donation

  • Dead Sea Bath Salts (2 lb)
  • Inner Reflections 2023 Planner
  • Auracacia Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Auracacia Aromatherapy Oil – Creative Juice or Clear Mind
  • Book: Breath by James Nestor
  • Gift Certificates: 5 Drop-In Yoga Classes (good until end of 2023)
  • Terra Origin Greens & Superfoods Coffee Blend

$250 for Sponsorship-Donation

($275 if you’d like to purchase for yourself – contact Ann to pre-order)

Your full or partial sponsorship of one or more of these will support: local caregiving organizations, those who receive their services, and your yoga studio!

We sincerely appreciate your support and participation!  Your gift will lift up many lives in a healthy, health-promoting, and sustainable way.  All retail items have been procured from a co-operatively owned business in Iowa and are also earth-friendly, organic, etc.

Donation gift-boxes will be delivered or picked-up the week of December 19.

All individual items will also be available for personal purchase and gift-giving, while supplies last, at our Self-Care Gift Shoppe at BYCA!

If you would like to donate a monthly amount to keep us strong and sustainable, please consider joining our Patreon page.