What you’ll need for your first class

Early arrival. Please arrive 15 minutes before any of the beginners’ classes.

You do not need to reserve a spot. No need to call ahead or pre-register online.  

Yoga mat and LARGE towel. You may bring your own or rent them here. We highly recommend the WAY brand towel-mat combo, which you can rent or purchase in the lobby before class. Please do NOT bring a hand towel for wiping sweat.

Hydration before you arrive. Please drink several glasses of water in the 1-2 hours before class.

Good attitude and open mind. Bring your own if possible, but our regular students and teachers have plenty to share!

Large water bottle (30-40 ounces or 1 liter). Also available for purchase.

Empty stomach. Please no food 3 hours before class.

Sufficient food intake in general. Self-starving or extreme dieting do not work with this practice.

Ability and commitment to stay for the entire 90-minute class, even if you “sit out” or rest on your mat for parts of it (no problem!).  Late arrivals and early departures are not permitted; they are not only disruptive to the stillness and focus of the class but they do not allow the therapeutic effects of the yoga system to take place safely and effectively.

What’s not required for your first class

Prior Yoga Experience

A beginner’s mind is worth a million times more than a fancy posture.

Strength or flexibility

You will develop these things here – more than you imagined possible.


Yes, this will improve too, even if you are already an athlete!

A “fit” or slim body

We are a very welcoming community of all sizes, ages, and shapes. Trust us, no one is even looking at your body except you and the teacher, and your negative thoughts towards your body will go away when you are focusing 100% on the breathing and postures.

The ability to walk

We safely and effectively assist those who need chairs at first, who have broken bones, less than four limbs, and recent surgeries.

Expensive or cute yoga clothes

Wear something that does not restrict your movement and which does not absorb a lot of moisture – no heavy cottons, long pants, or baggy clothing, please. The more skin exposed, the more efficiently you will cool down.

Bikram Yoga is the Original Hot Yoga. However, unlike many current “hot yoga” trends, we retain and strengthen the traditional elements of 20th century hatha yoga: a prescribed sequence, stillness in postures and between postures, one-on-one teacher attention, constant alignment cues, and mental focus. We do not distract you with soundtracks or playlists; rather, we address the thoughts and the body directly with top quality instruction, mirrors for adjustments, and a time-tested, transformational system. Rather than the sequence changing, YOU change! As you learn to pay attention and steady your focus, you will experience that every single class is different. You will laugh, you might sometimes cry, and you will feel AMAZING.

Bikram Yoga has been found to be most beneficial when practiced at a room temperature slightly above body temperature (105º F) with moderate humidity (40-45%) and well-regulated O2/CO2 levels. Over the years, the heated environment has been added to other yoga classes and exercise forms with the idea that the hot room is what made the yoga effective. However, the deepest healing benefits are rooted in the specific sequence and teaching method. The lineage system of training and our unique apprenticeship system ensures that the yoga does not get diluted or less effective.  

Cultural pressures for quick yoga fitness experiences are strong, but so are we!

All of our classes follow the traditional yoga method and system of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises (26&2), and nearly all retain the 90-minute format. We highly recommend that you commit to attend at least 10-12 classes within a month before deciding whether this yoga is going to work for you, as there are dozens of factors which influence a single class.

You do not need to reserve a spot, call ahead, nor pre-register online. However, it is important that you arrive to your first class 15 minutes before the listed start time, for registration and orientation. Out of respect for the other students and the discipline of the yoga practice, we do not admit brand new students if arrival is less than 5 minutes before class. We ask that all students should be on their mats and ready to practice TWO MINUTES before the listed class time. The first breathing exercise is a prerequisite for the class, so late arrivals are not permitted. No early departures, unless you are on call and have discussed this with the instructor in advance.


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