We are so excited for you to join us IN-PERSON in East Lansing, Michigan…

or via LIVESTREAM at Bikram Yoga Online!

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You can scroll down below the schedule for assistance with class reservation procedures.

Reservation & Booking Info

Advance reservations are optional but strongly encouraged.

We request that all purchases be done online before arrival at the studio.  This will allow you to book in advance.

If you have any tech issues, please arrive 10 minutes before class to wait for an open spot and/or pay in-person.


Please look carefully at the schedule to make sure you book the correct class format.  If you book the wrong class, you can always cancel it and rebook.


For those using pre-recorded audio or video classes from our members’ classroom:

  1. Book yourself for a PRE-RECORDED class, anytime before 9:00 pm on the day that you practice.
  2. Log-in to the Members’ Classroom to choose your recorded class to practice to.


When you have successfully booked yourself into a class, you should receive an email, confirming your booking (and, for livestream classes, that email will include the link to join the Zoom meeting).


If you need to cancel your booking, you can do that right here on the schedule page.

Going to Class

Empty Stomach

Yoga should always be practiced on an empty stomach.  When you are digesting food, the human system diverts circulation and energy to digestion rather than systemic circulation, to the skin, and to the brain.  Furthermore, when you are digesting food, the body cannot cool itself efficiently.

Extra hydration

It is important to drink pure water in the 1-2 hours prior to class.  16-32 extra ounces of water in this time period is a good place to start.

NO GLASS CONTAINERS permitted anywhere in the building.

We go barefoot everywhere, and our non-slip tiles break glass extremely easily.

Please make sure you are in the front lobby no later than 5 minutes before the class time.  At 5 minutes before class, any no-show bookings will be given to any students who are waiting for an open spot.

Planning a few extra minutes for early arrival will set you up for success in your yoga practice.

The front lobby doors are locked before the class time so that we can start on time.  If you arrive after we have started class, please join us for the next class.

Please set up your mat in one of the marked spots in the room, and have your water with you.

In order to create a focused, distraction-free, and clean practice environment, phones, bags, and purses, or other personal items are not permitted in the yoga room.

For safety reasons, NO GLASS CONTAINERS permitted anywhere in the building.

Enjoy the amazing feeling of being in the hot room!

Practicing Pure Effort & Non-Attachment

The only thing you need to do is breathe and try to pay attention.  Everything else you simply try.

Transforming Judgment and Becoming Free

If at first you feel judgmental or negative about your abilities, this is totally normal.  At first we tend to bring all of our baggage into the room with us.

However, you will learn non-judgment – and an incredible respect for and love of the body – with a consistent practice.

What If I Don’t Know Any Yoga Poses?

The teacher will give detailed instruction on how to do each posture.  In every class you will learn a little bit more about the posture, and a lot more about your own self!

Regulating Effort and Taking Responsibility for Yourself

If you ever feel overwhelmed or a little lightheaded in the standing series, please remember that you are in charge of your breathing and your intensity.  Regulate your effort by backing off, sitting upright to rest on your mat at any time if needed.  Once your breathing regulates you can join us again in the postures.

We have showers to you can go straight to your next important appointment.

In order to keep our space clean and tidy for the next person, we request that you pick up after yourself (e.g. hair out of drains, spray down shower).

Please vacate the building by 20 minutes after the end of class, in order to allow for extra sanitizing procedures.

Hydrate after class and throughout the day.

Enjoy the amazing feeling of having done your yoga for the day!  There is nothing else like it!!

We recommend trying 5-10 classes in the shortest time period possible.  It takes about 3 weeks for the body to make its initial acclimation to the heat, and as you practice each class, you will learn breathing techniques which actually help you cool your system!

Additional Info

Please note that the Karmasoft login is used for booking class on the schedule, and that the Members’ Classroom login is used for accessing the recorded classes and other materials.  These are separate logins/systems, even though you most likely have the same email address for your login name.

If you forget your password to either system, you can follow the instructions to reset your password.

If youYou can CLICK HERE to activate your account, or choose “Forgot Password” or the “Confirmation Instructions” option on the Sign-In page.  These will help you to get your account working smoothly for online booking.

  • We practice nose-only breathing for 90% of class, which keeps the number of viral particles of any kind extremely low.
  • We use a powerful, state-of-the-art air purification system during and between classes.
  • We limit space in class to maintain 6+ feet between each practitioner.

In 2013, our facilities were designed and maintained with the highest sterilization and clean air standards.

  • nightly sterilization with O3
  • active CO2 monitoring during all classes
  • no shared equipment/props
  • high replacement ventilation rates
  • hospital-grade air filters
  • ideal heat and humidity which prevents viral transmission

We do not require the use of masks in our yoga school.

Please follow instructions for using the marked spaces in the yoga room.

If you have any cold/cough/covid symptoms, we ask that you practice on Zoom until your symptoms subside.

Masks are always permitted if you feel more comfortable wearing one; we have plenty at the front desk for you to use.