Hope for Autoimmune Disease: 15 Personal Stories of Living Better with Bikram Yoga | by Ann Chrapkiewicz and Jennifer Lane |


Researched and written in collaboration with Bikram Yoga practitioners, teachers, and studios around the globe.  This collection of stories links a regular Bikram Yoga practice and symptom-reduction in various autoimmune diseases.

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The world’s first publication that narrates the autoimmune sufferer’s journey and the effects of Bikram Yoga on autoimmune symptoms.

The 15 first-person narratives contained in this book address such themes as:

  • onset of disease symptoms
  • challenges in getting diagnosed
  • modifications to diet
  • first impressions of Bikram Yoga
  • finding balance with yoga and autoimmune disease

The voices in this book come from participants from around the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, and Australia.

Photos of select yoga postures are included to demonstrate the accessibility of the practice.

The final part of the book includes chapters written by a veteran teacher and studio owner, on the following:

  • teaching for accessibility
  • knowledge and power in matters of health and disease
  • breaking through psychological barriers to practice
  • differences between Bikram Yoga and hot yoga
  • description of what a Bikram Yoga class entails

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