Happy Hour Detox | Friday Night (Hot) Yoga | $10 Drop-Ins |

Date(s) - 10/14/2022
4:00 pm - 5:15 pm

Bikram Yoga Capital Area

We honestly do not know a better way to shake off the week!

Friday Happy Hour Detox

In the form of an actual, honest-to-goodness, traditional (hot) YOGA CLASS!!

Join us for a 75-minutes to reset, detox, sweat, and relax.

friday yoga detox east lansing hot yoga

$10 drop-ins for new students or anyone without a current membership or punchcard!

Our room is well-ventilated, 6-7 feet between every mat, and informed by SCIENCE.

[ check out our blog post on the subject for more details, and see Item #6 below for our mask policy]


12 Simple Steps to Make It Happen:

  1. CLICK HERE to pay for your drop-in
  2. Go to the SCHEDULE PAGE and BOOK your Happy Hour class
  3. Ask a friend to come with you!
  4. Please arrive at 3:45 (your booking will be held until 3:55 pm, at which point it may be given to someone who has arrived and is waiting for a spot).–Our location [Grand River Ave. near MSU] is busy at this time of day…give yourself a little extra time 🙂
  5. Required for class: yoga mat, large towel, and water bottle.
    –Bring your own, or rent/buy here.
  6. Also very important for class: BE HYDRATED and on an EMPTY stomach!  (3+ hours since a meal is best.)
    –If the digestive system is busy OR if hydration is insufficient, the body will struggle unnecessarily.
  7. We wear masks in the lobby, AND in the breathing exercises at the beginning and end of class (less than 10 minutes total).
  8. During most of the class [when we are practicing the yoga postures] masks are optional.
    –We breathe in and out by the nose during yoga postures (Yep, this is old school.  This is yoga!)
  9. Please set up your mat right behind one of the pieces of tape marked out on the floor.
  10. No phones, bags, or other items in the yoga room.
  11. Plan to feel better on Friday night and Saturday than you have in a long time!!
  12. We don’t fall for that detox-to-retox thing.  Yoga makes you feel so good that all you’ll want is more yoga.
    –You are invited to rehydrate and come back to class on Saturday morning (normal rates apply).

We are so excited to see you on Friday!!

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