Free Yoga for Kids and Youth

Yoga for Youth and Kids at Bikram Yoga Capital Area East Lansing

Date(s) - 08/31/2017
5:30 pm - 7:15 pm

Bikram Yoga Capital Area

Every Thursday for the 5:45 pm class please join us for our very special 26&2 class for kids and youth.  The traditional 2 sets of 26&2 (Bikram Yoga) are instructed at a lower temperature.

Kids and their parents – please arrive prior to 5:40 pm to sign-in, although this class tends to be quite full so we suggest arriving earlier.  Any new students should arrive by 5:30 to register.

During the standing series, adults and youth ages 14 and up practice as usual, and kids 13 and under remain in the hall with quiet activities.

Kids ages 6-13 practice the floor series for FREE on Thursday evenings.  Youth ages 14 and up may practice the full class for $5.  Parents pay the usual rate (introductory membership, regular membership, regular price drop-in, etc).

At the mid-class savasana, kids 13 and under join the class for the remaining 35-40 minutes and practice the floor series only.  Once interest, motivation, discipline, and temperature tolerance are sufficient, youth may be allowed to start practicing the full class.  Please speak with director in advance with any questions.

Yoga for Kids and Youth - Bikram Yoga

Is this still a Bikram Yoga Class?

We still practice the identical sequence and use the same instructional methods as in our traditional Bikram Yoga classes at BYCA.  The main difference is that the heat is lowered to 96-97F and that a small group enters the room after Toe Stand.

It is often even more inspiring than a typical class.  One time we had 10 kids in class with 20+ adults, and ages from 6 to 94 in the same room.

Bikram Yoga is already magical, but this class is extra special.

Many thanks to Rajashree Choudhury for her inspiration and leadership.  Her vision and the work of USA Yoga inspire youth to take up a yoga practice.  At BYCA you can see this in action!