Why Should I Support Bikram Yoga?

The practice of Bikram Yoga is of vital importance to our mid-Michigan community, and also to people and communities around the world.

Our mission in becoming a community-supported yoga collective is to save Bikram Yoga from the many forces outside of our control:

  1. most notably: operating expenses that have become impossible to meet due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its related human behaviors,
  2. on a lesser but still important level: the wider American “yoga” culture which rarely involves traditional yoga techniques & principles and has moved almost entirely towards movement classes, and
  3. the structural forces which have long been present: a chemical/pharmaceutical dominance in our medical system, a health insurance system which for many reasons does not support this practice

Despite the above, Bikram Yoga is an established and traditional practice (introduced 50 years ago in the U.S.) which keeps people healthy, reverses most chronic pain and disease, reduces pharmaceutical use, reduces substance abuse, and helps them be more joyful and productive members of society.  Tens of thousands of people (likely more) around the world rely on a regular practice for their primary form of health care.

It Is in the Interest of the Public Health to Save Bikram Yoga

Be a part of health and healing that our "health care" system won't touch

If you take even just a brief look at the student testimonials and student-featured blog posts on our website here, you will start to learn that:

  1. Bikram Yoga saves thousands of dollars to health insurance companies by reducing pharmaceutical use and doctor visits
  2. Bikram Yoga reduces the number of sick days needed by employees
  3. Bikram Yoga is one of the most important non-pharmaceutical approaches to reducing anxiety & depression, as well as keeping people successful in their recovery from substance abuse
  4. Bikram Yoga brings together people of different political viewpoints and belief systems and helps us recognize our shared humanity

True Yoga Education & Practice Requires Community Support

Like organic agriculture, artistic endeavors, and other practices which challenge our society....

Keeping Bikram Yoga alive requires the immediate and ongoing support of those who see its value and potential:

  1. former Bikram Yoga students who are “waiting” to get back to their practice when they are ready
  2. former Bikram Yoga students who may have largely moved on from the practice but who see its therapeutic value for current and future students
  3. Bikram Yoga students at other yoga schools/studios who can give a little extra to help one of their sister schools keep their hot room open
  4. current students at Bikram Yoga Capital Area who can contribute beyond their membership fees
  5. friends and families of current Bikram Yoga students
  6. employers of current Bikram Yoga students who are indirectly benefitting from this practice (i.e. its immensely beneficial effects on their employees)
  7. local organizations, companies, and institutions who are or will directly benefit from the existence of this yoga practice (for example, many graduate students apply only to universities where they can access Bikram Yoga nearby)

Join our Patreon Community to Be a Part of the Solution

Via a montly contribution to www.patreon.com/bikramyoga

We offer levels of monthly support to suit every budget and commitment to saving Bikram Yoga:

  1. $5, $9, and $19 levels give access to exclusive posts and podcasts
  2. $45 and $75 levels give access to things like video tutorials, and direct Q & A contact with Ann
  3. $149, $500, and $1000 levels include things like livestream memberships, private lessons, and more

We envision a world in which Bikram Yoga is still around and accessible for the next generations.  We invite YOU to be a part of making that possible!  Become a patron today!